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About the Project

The Fatherless Foundation is a Kern County, California 501(c)(3) nonprofit in its planning stages to offer youth services to the fatherless in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

The planning stages include public outreach, collaborating with other nonprofits, and building a community of those willing to help the Foundation as it moves forward with securing a site in Bakersfield.


Once a site can be secured, in addition to building self-esteem and providing direction, the Foundation will offer youth services to the fatherless in the following areas:

Music Lessons, Music Engineering, Songwriting Classes, Poetry Classes, Arts & Crafts, Academic Classes, Library/Study Room, Auto Shop, Wood Shop, Agricultural Area, Animal/Pets Area, and Exercise Area.


The Foundation is currently accepting tax-deductible donations which will be used to move forward with securing its first physical site in Bakersfield, California.


As the Foundation grows and begins to outreach with the community, we’ll need volunteers in many areas to assist with a variety of tasks. Contact us today and let us know how you can help!


The Foundation is interested in partnering with other local organizations and collaborating with local needs.


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The Foundation

Paul Galloway, Founder
Paul Galloway, Founder

Paul Galloway, Founder

After the tragic death of his father in 1965, killed by a drunk driver when he was 9 years old, he and his siblings were raised by his equally well-loved mother Rachel. God, family, love and music became his primary outlets to his inner pains and void left from the loss of his father.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Galloway excelled in both the Motion Picture and Music Industries beyond his own dreams and expectations.

Galloway is the author to three published poetry books (Mindgarden Volumes I, II and III), still writes, records and produces Rock N’ Roll and Country music. He’s also currently writing his first screenplay in hopes of “giving back” and “giving hope to others.” (more…)

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