Bakersfield’s Community Challenges Brings Opportunities to Nonprofits

Worst of this or that. Top 10 of something else bad. It seems like Bakersfield gets a bad rap when it comes to many of these lists. While I’m sure some are warranted, others probably are not capturing the entire story.

And one side to that story, is although our community may have its challenges and issues, it also brings opportunities.

If you’re a nonprofit, community based organization or the like, Bakersfield and Kern County, California can be a place to offer much needed services in a variety of areas, including our vulnerable youth.

In addition to no shortage of needed services, having a pool of CBOs allows collaboration between groups, which helps find out what works, what doesn’t, and what can be done better.

An excellent local example is the Kern County Network for Children. While a relatively small-staffed organization, their reach is far and wide in our County, and an indispensable source of information about efforts in our community.

It’s no secret Kern County is a community on the poorer side of California. However, the socioeconomic factors associated with our county and community can also provide organizations opportunities to make positive change.