Paul Galloway, Founder

After the tragic death of his father in 1965, killed by a drunk driver when he was 9 years old, he and his siblings were raised by his equally well-loved mother Rachel. God, family, love and music became his primary outlets to his inner pains and void left from the loss of his father.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Galloway excelled in both the Motion Picture and Music Industries beyond his own dreams and expectations.

Galloway is the author to three published poetry books (Mindgarden Volumes I, II and III), still writes, records and produces Rock N’ Roll and Country music. He’s also currently writing his first screenplay in hopes of “giving back” and “giving hope to others.”

Music Industry

Paul feels he was born with a guitar in his hands and music in his bone marrow. For his love of writing, performing and recording music is unsurpassable. He has been playing guitar since the age of 7 and now writes, records, produces and performs on guitar, piano, bass guitar, and many other instruments. He also sings his own songs.

He has performed on the same billing and/or with such bands as The Ramones, Dead Kennedy’s, Fear, Service, The Keys, and many others.

His “contracted” recordings were at Sound City, Shangri-La Studios and Mama Jo’s (Ambrosia’s studio), with Service and The Keys. Meeting such successful artists as Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Ronny Wood, Robbie Robertson, John Entwhistle, Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitte, Pat Benetar, Ringo Starr, Alice Cooper, Chuck Negron, and many other greats.

He has performed at many of the top clubs in LA such as Whisky-A-Go Go, Gazzaries, Troubadour, The Starwood, The Roxy, Country Club, Blackies, and continues to perform at many other clubs and major events.

Recently, he performed for the Marines at Camp Pendleton, and at annual Cancer Society Event, which was a great honor and privilege. He believes that being able to “give back” to others is the most rewarding.

His vast life experiences provide him with inspiration and ability to illustrate, through his poetry and songs, the many wonders, ups and downs, good and bad, disappointments and hope, that life has to offer.

Motion Picture Industry

From his early teens he worked in studios such as Paramount, Warner Bros., MGM, Universal, Samuel Goldwyn Studios, CBS Studio Center, Glen Glenn Sound Co. and many others. It was while working as a sound engineer/recordist in these studios, that he became sucked into the abyss of Hollywood, the private and dark side of Hollywood, where drug use was rampant. He became the scapegoat for some of the greatest figures of Hollywood.

During the turbulent and dark years that followed his passion for love and life, hopes and dreams never died and are the nucleus for much of his poetry and music. He is the esteemed author of three poetry books (Mindgarden Volumes I, II, and III) and is working on seven more volumes to follow. Currently, he is writing two books and their respective screenplays.

Today he is spending most of his time writing and composing and raising his youngest son Patrick.

Recently, he has worked on many shows, including NCIS, Law and Order Los Angeles, America’s Top Model, Brothers and Sisters, West Wing, Crossing Jordan, Nip/Tuck, The Unit, Evan Almighty and many others.


Mindgarden Volume I, The Journey Begins…

Mindgarden Volume II, Through Darkness and Light

Mindgarden Volume III, Love and Life


11 thoughts on “Paul Galloway, Founder

  1. I am so very proud of what you have accomplished is your life. I love you very much and will help in any way I can.

    1. Benita, thank you and Larry dearly for your generous donation. Our rewards will be the smiles on these children/teens faces when they’ve accomplished a skill/trade in which they can make a decent living, becoming an asset to society and their own family. God bless you both. Much appreciation!

  2. Although we have only been friends for a little over two years. His friendship is very dear to me. Paul has a special gift that all you know him can see. He has a calling to help those around him. He has told me more than one that he would do all he could , to help my musical dreams come true. Thank you my friend for all the hard work you put in to move me closer to my dreams!!

    1. You’re so very welcome Les! It was my honor and privilege to have helped you go for your musical dreams and goals. You’ve got a lot of talent, and are one heck of a decent man. We’ve had a lot of fun rehearsing and performing in our band. I’m sure we’ll do plenty more in the future. God bless you, Alice and your families!!

  3. I want to THANK Deborah Burse for being THE FIRST TO DONATE to The Fatherless Foundation. Her selflessness will forever be remembered and never forgotten. I made a copy of the money order she sent TFF and will frame it and put it in the entry way…showing her to be THE FIRST DONOR TO THE FATHERLESS FOUNDATION. I again thank you Deborah for your kindness and generosity in helping towards the first facility for “The Fatherless Foundation”. God bless you and your family! 🙂

  4. Hi, Paul –
    Do you remember my mother Terry Barrios from Porterville (well, she’s still there)? You stayed with us while performing at ‘Paul Bunyan’ – remember those days? My, how time flies. We’d love to catch up with you soon. We hope all is well with you.

  5. I’d like everyone to know I put The Fatherless Foundation Inc on “temporary hold” since this pandemic. But, will be reopening it in near future so we can all work together in helping the fatherless, homeless, veterans within our community.
    Thank you all for your care and concerns.
    God bless.

    Paul Galloway
    The Fatherless Foundation Inc. (temporary email address until reopened)

  6. Hi there Paul,

    my name is Nini Alvary, I actually just recently wrote you about my own business. After reading your story about losing your father and what you aim to achieve with our youth, I literally cried. I myself grew up as a foster child, lived in 13 locations from age 2-17. I can honestly say life without parents who love you and create a stable environment is a hard life for any child. I grew up thinking I was one of 2 kids until I was 8 because I had been living with a grandmother and grandfather from 4-8 and life seemed great. But as life unfolds a child doesn’t hold the control and we were moved. I did find out I had 4 other siblings besides my brother which turned out to be a blessing at the time. As we got older life’s harsh environment with the absence of loving parents played its role in our lives and my siblings experienced the unkindness’ of life without stability. Needless to say by the grace of God my fear of becoming the people who raised me or experiencing what I had seen my siblings go through was the only thing that had saved me. Seeing this beautiful idea that you are bringing to life after knowing the suffering that my siblings and I experienced as children without parents really made my heart warm this morning. Knowing that someone out their who truly understands through experience of his own has taken his pain and discovered a way to save others like himself is just the most beautiful thing. If you ever need a volunteer, I would love to help mentor.


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