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The Fatherless Foundation Inc.

The Fatherless Foundation will provide 12 (twelve) different options for these kids of today. Which many have no after school programs, no direction, no discipline, and no hope, due to being in a father absent home. I will provide services and programs that will give the children/teens incentive and direction towards their future.

The several occupational skills options I will be providing are:

  1. Music Lessons (beginning guitar, bass guitar, piano)
  2. Music Engineering
  3. Songwriting class
  4. Poetry Classes
  5. Arts & Crafts
  6. Academic Classes
  7. Library/Study Room (to study/learn, concentrate on their homework)
  8. Auto Shop
  9. Wood Shop
  10. Agriculture Area (teaching from cultivating the land to picking the crops, etc.)
  11. Animal/Pets Area (teaching how to properly care for animals, and an excellent therapy for those who’ve lost someone close)
  12. Exercise Area (teaching respect, good sportsmanship, patience, focus, staying healthy physically and mentally through exercise).

MY PURPOSE IS TO HELP OTHER FATHERLESS (and MOTHERLESS) build their self-esteem, give them direction, hope, a place to build, learn, and become an asset to society. With the 12 different occupational skills I’ll be offering these children and teens, this will help give them a direction in an honest paying job and career.

Also, working around and with other kids who’ve also lost their fathers, these kids will build confidence, strength and decency, kindness towards others, build their intellectual skills and knowledge, learn responsibility and accountability, teach leadership and business structure, along with many other positive, productive assets that will come along with “participating and learning with others”.

Not allowing the pain and anger of their loss to take them down a very negative and destructive road. Such as drugs, illegal activities, disregard of authority, jail/prison, giving up on life and others. Which in turn they’ll put aside/disregard family values, morals, their spiritual higher power, respect towards others (especially elders), responsibility, accountability for their own actions, quitting school, hanging around the wrong crowd of so-called “friends”.

But, nurturing them back/towards a positive, productive, creative, confident, decent, comfortable way of life. Where in turn they will want to help others, learn to help others less fortunate.

For the FATHERLESS statistics alone prove that the percentage of any child living in father absent homes will result in a predictive factor for lower education, lower income and family economic stress. Which puts young children, teens, men and women at risk for lower educational achievement, incarceration, drug usage, negative attitudes about school and their teachers, suicidal ideation and behavior.

On the other hand, children with a secure attachment to their father and whose father was involved had a higher academic self-concept. The father-child attachment was more associated with the child’s social-emotional school outcomes than their academic achievement.

THE FATHERLESS FOUNDATION is an excellent place to help pave your child’s path to acquire knowledge, learn a skill, discover new directions, socialize with other fatherless children, love, understanding, learning and growing with others in the same predicament. Letting your child know he/she is not alone.

We here at THE FATHERLESS FOUNDATION, are here to help all children, widows, mothers, family, who’ve lost their father/husbands, and are in need of assistance in helping their child/children cope with the tragedy of this painful loss, and turn that into an understanding decision of moving forward TOGETHER.
The Fatherless Foundation will be up and running soon. ALL DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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