Social Media Strategies and College Volunteer Work

It’s funny how only a few years ago, we wondered if social media was needed for businesses and organizations.

There were some ideas that never really panned out, like using a social media page as your entry portal, but I think it’s obvious social media is here to stay.

And, I think any owner, brand, product needs to have social media profiles on those channels that matter, and monitor them for the conversations which may be happening.

For nonprofits though, this is sometimes difficult to get going and keep going when there may not be paid positions or minimal budget for social media strategies.

This is where I recommend reaching out to local students, especially those in college journalism, video production, or learning ‘real’ social media and branding.

I think this could be a win-win for everyone, in making an agreement for social media strategy and content creation work in exchange for a recommendation.

Volunteering students can grow a profile even before graduating which allows them to hit the ground running with a working portfolio when it comes to gaining experience.

Student Tip: There are services setup for students such as Seelio and Gradfly that can help with highlighting projects and work experience.

Nonprofit Tip: I would recommend using your social media volunteer to come up with some sort of work process and flow which can be documented and continued as new volunteers come onboard.